Derived under the mindset of providing the highest quality infrastructure, Pro-Matrix continually delivers innovation to enhance digital transformation – even as the pace of change is accelerating. 

In 2014, Pro-Matrix joined NTT-Facilities, INC. – a Japanese conglomerate company who specializes in mission-critical telecommunication buildings with vast experience in power supplies and mechanical equipment – as its international subsidiary in South East Asia through a merger & acquisition. 

With the combination of Pro-Matrix’s highly acclaimed engineering ability and NTTF’s expertise in data centre facility design and maintenance accumulated over a long time in the Japanese market, Pro-Matrix is able to deliver completely integrated data centre facility engineering services in the region. 

In addition, we capitalise on growth opportunities in the data centre industry within Singapore, a regional IT hub where many international telecoms carriers have constructed purpose-built data centre facilities, allowing Pro-Matrix to become one of the highest-regarded providers in the industry. 


Our Vision
Your Partner, for Today and Tomorrow

Digitization is the primary driver of change as the world becomes ever more connected. We strive to be a ‘World Class’ Data Centre Infrastructure Service Provider for businesses today and tomorrow – enabling the success of digitalization.

Our Mission

Powering Digital Initiatives

At Pro-Matrix, we believe in excellence in service and solutions to our customers, establishing the foundation to drive your success. Equipped with a robust business model, we strive to implement sustainable and scalable technology while maintaining the highest level of dedication and professional integrity. 


Our Value

We Build Our Future with PRO:

Professionalism – We strive to possess the highest level of work ethic and excellence in all we do.
Resiliency – We are always able to overcome the unexpected, never faltering in fulfilling your needs.
Ownership – We ensure responsibility and accountability in business dealings, providing a peace of mind for our customers.

Bridging all your needs. 

Pro-Matrix is committed to providing highly integrated solutions for data centre management. Specializing in turnkey solutions, we manage data centre setup projects from inception to completion. We differentiate ourselves from the competition by advocating for the Design-Build-Operate model which provides cost savings and operational efficiency. With the expertise and competency to deliver solutions, we are confident in meeting the increasing demands of data centres and to achieve greater customer satisfaction. 

Pro-Matrix is at the forefront of creating the foundation to power your success. 

By implementing customized solutions to meet various demands, we believe our comprehensive approach in providing customized solutions and value engineering provides the edge and uniqueness to each build. This enables the DC operator to institute the best practices to meet their business needs in order to increase process maturity and boost productivity. 

In addition to the extensive portfolio of carefully evaluated products and services, the team at Pro-Matrix is equipped with unparalleled experience in this field. The team comprises of professionals ranging from architects to project managers to qualified engineers to IT specialists and even business continuity strategists. Together with a carefully selected range of equipment, our processes target maximum efficiency where quality is of utmost priority, project delivery is on target and satisfaction accompanied. That is the professionalism we aim to achieve.