Pro-Matrix not only strives for excellence in providing data centre solutions but also for your command centre. From design to build, we ensure that all your mission-critical infrastructure provides you with the maximum efficiency and productivity to drive your business. Through ergonomic HSE studies, we have undergone product and process innovation to enable 24/7 efficient operations of your data centre solutions. 

Our experienced team understands all the operational requirements you may face in the operation of your data centres and we have come up with solutions to help boost the Operational Control Centre environment. 

Feasibility Studies & Conceptualization 

Ergonomic Consultancy  

Technology Desking System 

Complete Visual Display System 

Advanced Technology Solutions & Programming 

Artificial Intelligent and Security 

Central Control and IP Distribution System 

GREEN Building & Energy Monitoring Solutions 

LED & IP Lighting System Solutions 

Modern Human-Machine Interface (HMI) layout coupled with video wall technology, key process data and alarm conditions can be shown on the large overview display, easily viewable by a group of people. This collaboration promotes quick and reliable decision-making. The interactive large display helps operators deal with the larger volume of information that is increasingly associated with their broader role in plant operations. This information frequently comes via third-party systems such as CCTV, Maintenance Management Systems and Asset/Alarm Management systems. Incorporation of AI in security and building management systems reduces human error and the need for manpower in the drive towards automation in the economy. 

We are committed to providing you with user-friendly technology in an environment that will ensure the well-being of your team.