Our experience and expertise enable our delivery of exceptional and highly reliable performance required to ensure uptime and availability of your mission critical facility. 

M&E systems easily make up 60% of the development of data centres which include electrical substations, chillers, backup generators and uninterrupted power supplies (UPS). Our M&E systems and solutions are designed for energy efficiency to minimise your cost but also provide maximum efficiency for your operations. Our skilled technicians and subject experts are also readily available to provide operational support service for your data centre equipment. 

Key Features

End to End Solutions

Our wide range of services will cater to any buildout or automation at every stage. 

Preventive & Predictive Maintenance 

We provide maintenance at every critical point in the power chain. We diagnose the root cause to minimize the operational impact. 

24/7/365 Technical Support 

Subject experts and skilled technicians respond to downtime emergencies 24/7, providing technical support within 2 hours. 


Our solutions also feature flexible data hall density to support variable loads with redundancy mechanical cooling. We maximize the uptime of your equipment while mitigating downtime risks through a comprehensive service plan. 


Digital Asset Management

Real-time monitoring for operations and maintenance to enhance asset values. 

Around-the-Clock Support  

Quick and timely troubleshooting services to ensure maximum reliability.

Creating Competitive Advantage

Reduced pressure on operating budgets through lower energy consumption and the enabling of smarter, more proactive maintenance execution. 

Leverage Pro-Matrix’s customer support for all your needs. 

We are able to solve all your operational hurdles from assembling to installation to maintenance of critical equipment to support your business needs.