With 20 years in the industry, you can leverage our experience and data centre expertise to suit your business needs. To-date, we have built over 420,000 sqft of digital infrastructure. It’s a guarantee that quality is uncompromised.

By fostering a seamless collaboration between the design team and a pool of trusted and reliable partners, we are able to deliver every complex project with fast-track timetables accompanied by minimized or controlled risks. 

Key Features

Project Management 

Punctual delivery, installation, and monitoring of on-site activities to maximise productivity and minimise rework. 

Tested Methodologies

Utilise a consistent set of processes, tools, and techniques for optimization and quality deliverables.  

Latest Technology

We observe the latest technological trend and adopt it to our and your advantage for reliability and resiliency.  


With in-depth studies of the technical specifications, our team at Pro-Matrix will cater to every detail, no matter how minor. From expedited project scheduling, to comprehensive value engineering, to meticulous partner management and on-time project delivery, our multidisciplinary teams are highly capable in implementing your data centre solutions which require expertise in their respective fields.  

Sustainability and Safety are top priority in our operations. We implement our solutions with excellence without compromising the environmental standards or the well-being of our employees.  


Minimized Risks

Risks are well managed and controlled so you and your business would not have to worry about unnecessary operational problems or downtime. 


By managing all the partners, we optimise costs and collate it into a single invoice to lessen the hassle of multi-party management allowing you to focus on core business operations.

World-Class Design

Our expertise ensures excellence in all of our designs and products which optimises space while maximising efficiency for ease of service access. 

Next Generation Data Centre – As datasets grow larger, they test the network requirements for analytics, AI and other data-intensive applications. As such, business transformation is a constant process in Pro-Matrix in the ever-changing business environment. We provide flexible solutions that will accommodate the accelerating pace of change.