Providing Total Turnkey Solutions

Getting all the pieces of a data center physical infrastructure puzzle to fit together is a difficult task. This is where Pro-Matrix excels to provide the TOTAL SOLUTION – from design conceptualization, product selection, equipment commissioning to critical environment management. We manage data centre turnkey projects, provide critical business facilities management and render 24/7 on-site technical support.

Power continuity is critical in the operations of a data centre and the responsibility of securing and ensuring power availability is uncompromised. Environmental management is also critical where cooling systems need to be able to maintain optimal temperatures allowing equipment to function at its most efficient. We enhance these solutions with considerations on energy-efficiency, operation cost savings and environmental regulations compliance thus ensuring continuity of trade for our clients.

We know the standards, we know the market and we know our products to tailor the precise solution for our clients, ensuring satisfaction and the confidence that everything works well!