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Data Centre managers often find themselves to be in a conflicting position having to manage both social and economic objectives; however when looked at strategically, we realized that both social and economic advantages are not necessarily in conflict and should form part of the competitive strategy. Performance of Data Centre and Cost-savings should complement each other as much as possible, E-Clean EnerSave, our newest product launch will help ensure that it is possible to bridge these disciplinary silos, allowing every element in the Data Centre to come together and produce the best results with maximum impact.
E-Clean EnerSave, the company’s newest product launch provides a solution in optimizing the flow and consumption of electricity allowing companies to not only increase productivity but also to enjoy cost savings.
How does it work?

Electricity in the circuit often moves in an unstable and irregular manner, generating heat and vibration which will gradually damage electronic appliances. Excessivecollisions of electrons often results in substantial energy loss. The technology behind this product is known as the “Balanced Wave Technology" which will assist in the reduction of “excessive collisions." When light energy passes through the semiconductor chip, wavelength of electrons increase, translating to reduced spinning as well as “excessive collision".
Benefits of E-Clean EnerSave

  Delivers 8%-20% energy savings
  Immediate measurable effects
  Improve productivity
  Scalable applications
  Seamless operations
  Proven life span of 7 years
  Compact in size facilitating easy installation
  Increase power factor
Success Stories of E-Clean

E-Clean EnerSave has been implemented and tested in the following locations and these are some of the results it achieved:

- During the test period, E-Clean EnerSave showed great potential for energy savings
- Inductive load
  There was generally an upward trend in energy savings
  Active power savings improved by more than 32% from the first week (8.1%) to second
  Reactive power saving was evident from the first week (46.6%), and marginally improved to 48% on the second week.
- Resistive load
  After only a 6-day operation, active power improved by 1.9% and reactive power improved by 14.8% based on average data.
Dong-Eun Forging Co. Ltd

The opening of a second factory with their largest stamping equipment to date nearly doubled the company’s expenditure on electricity.

nstallation of E-Clean Enersave on their 2500 tonnes and 1600 tonnes Stamping Presses, Dong Eun Forging Co.’s electrical expenses were reduced by 13.68%
Permanis Sandilands Sdn. Bhd.

With Asia becoming the fastest growing market (volume sales) for soda in the world, Permanis must find a way to increase output without incrementally increasing their bottling costs.

By Installing E-Clean EnerSaveon the Air-Compressor used for Permanis’ PET bottling process, Permanis was able to reduce the electrical energy costs of bottling by 19% and successfully meet the increasing demand without lowering their profit margin.
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