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In a new data center design, adjoining server racks may not need to have their outlet airflows facing each other. A series airflow arrangement, where air from a rack outlet supplies air to an adjoining rack’s inlet, can be implemented. Depending on the rack arrangement in an existing data center, an RDHx system can simplify air management by eliminating the need for hot and cold aisle isolation.
Cooling up Data Centers to ensure that servers and hardware function at their optimal level often comes at a high price, and as costs of energy continue to rise, there will eventually be a significant strain on the business itself, affecting profits. Moreover, with increasing power consumption, not only will profits but the environment will be negatively affected as well.

Issues regarding Environmental Sustainability are expected to grow in the immediate and foreseeable future. This reinforces our need to reduce energy consumption. Coolcentric Rear Door Heat Exchanger (RDHx) which deliver the world's most energy- and space-efficient cooling solutions for reducing data center costs, might be just what your Data Center needs! High performance while realizing cost savings.
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