Riello UPS Systems

Providing a full suite of power solutions, Riello UPS delivers integrity and reliability, ensuring power continuity that protects a company's reputation, business capability and revenue.

Riello UPS Systems maximizes rack space for revenue-earning servers and are designed with the smallest possible footprint to ensure space efficiency and maximised performance. Taking into consideration your power protection needs, Riello UPS systems incorporate shielding, extended runtimes, stand-alone and parallel configurations and bypasses that allow maintenance and repair, without costly downtime to disrupt business continuity.

Offering high versatility and ease of installation, the Master Plus and Master Plus HIP series are available in 100-250kVA and 100-200kVA configurations – granting business owners powerful and flexible solutions that guarantee maximum protection and quality of power supply for our client's critical business.

Riello UPS also focuses its research and development efforts on other aspects that impact the environment positively and strive to achieve the highest possible operating efficiencies for its products. Their environmentally friendly products and solutions include adaptive battery management, to lengthen the period between battery replacement and disposal and Low Total Harmonic Distortion on the input side (THDI) of 3% to reduce the impact on upstream equipment and a high input power factor (0.99).

Powering some of the most critical data centres and servers in the world, Riello UPS understands the importance of energy management. Riello UPS is a name synonymous with the latest energy efficient benchmarks in power protection and high productivity without compromising the environment.

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