June 2015 – Intelligent CRAC Control Optimisation
Vigilent System

An integrated system that provides key capabilities necessary for efficient operation of any facility.

  • Monitoring
  • Dynamic Control
  • Intelligent Analytics
  • Alarms & Notifications


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May 2014– Holistic Energy Savings

Data Centre managers often find themselves to be in a conflicting position having to manage both social and economic objectives; however when looked at strategically, we realized that both social and economic advantages are not necessarily in conflict and should form part of the competitive strategy. Performance of Data Centre and Cost-savings should complement each other as much as possible, E-Clean EnerSave, our newest product launch will help ensure that it is possible to bridge these disciplinary silos, allowing every element in the Data Centre to come together and produce the best results with maximum impact.

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January 2014 – Get What’s Best For Your Data Centre

With machines needing a constant supply of power, it is undeniable that Data Centre faces high power consumption and this inevitably has a negative impact on profits. This impact however can be kept to the minimum through proper designing of Data Centres and the correct adoption of efficient equipment.

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August 2013– Managing Your Data Center Airflow

When it comes to managing airflow, the goal of any data center manager should be to understand the efficiency in his or her own specific cooling process. Once learning the keys to effective cooling, it’s critical to maintain effective cooling methods and keep an open mind for innovations that can improve efficiency. The effectiveness of a data center’s CRAC unit/s and cooling system is heavily reliant on the path, temperature and quantity of cool air being delivered to equipment, and hot air then returning from the equipment. Pro-Matrix believes there are two objectives that data center managers must focus on when attempting to achieve good airflow efficiency:

1) To eliminate any recirculation of hot equipment exhaust air.

2) To maximize server efficiency.


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June 2013– Hot and Cold Aisle, A Thing of the Past?

In a new data center design, adjoining server racks may not need to have their outlet airflows facing each other. A series airflow arrangement, where air from a rack outlet supplies air to an adjoining rack’s inlet, can be implemented. Depending on the rack arrangement in an existing data center, an RDHx system can simplify air management by eliminating the need for hot and cold aisle isolation.

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